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Monday, 15 April 2013

Review - PPE...

Personal Protective Equipment = Helmet and Pads

I have been using my 661 Comp shifted helmet and the BrandX Elbow/forearm and knee and shin guards for a bout four months now. Thankfully I haven’t needed to use them in anger! But thought I should write a short review…

661 Comp shifted full face helmet.

I had previously been using a 661 dirt lid, this had provided adequate protection but as I have gradually pushed my speed I decided I needed something a bit more substantial and that would provide increased protection.

After trolling through the internet and reading various reviews etc I opted for the comp shifted helmet and ordered this from ChainReaction Cycles as they offered the best price and free delivery.

The helmet and pads were delivered really quickly, the helmet came boxed and has a convenient storage bag, which now houses my pads!

I did measure my head in accordance with the guidelines on the website and opted for a small helmet (I do have a small head!), but first time I tried it on it felt very snug. The real advantage is there is no movement or wobble in the helmet once it is on and the padding makes it very comfortable.

My main concerns were that it was going to be very hot and also that it may restrict my vision when buggying – both of which are unfounded.

I find the helmet cooler and less sweaty than the dirt lid, it is well ventilated and the padding seems to wick away sweat (I don’t know if this is true?). But I have never over heated. And overall I find it very comfortable.

It also in know way restricts my vision, the visor is adjustable and either up or down I have a clear view. I wear a pair of Oakly sunnies and these fit comfortably under it.

This was definitely a good buy and where the padding in my old dirt lid is de-laminating, the shifted helmet seems to be a lot better quality, is really comfortable to wear for long periods and as an added bonus keeps most of the dirt and grit out of my ears!

Brand X X elbow and forearm guard and X MkII knee and shin guards.

I ordered these at the same time as the helmet, I know a lot of people opt for the 661 protection – but the reviews of these were good and I like to be a bit different (awkward). Again with me pushing myself I was concerned what would happen if I OBEed at speed on the hard rough surface of Lake Walyungup.

The pads come in mesh bags which you can use for storage but mine now live in my helmet bag.

The pads are comfortable and easily adjustable – but now I have them set I can tend to slide them on and off without adjusting the straps. Again I was concerned about how much hotter these would make me but I have never really had any issues.

Once on they stay in place and have never had any issues with rubbing and chafing – I have walked about a kilometre in them without any problems.

As regards protection, thankfully I haven’t needed to try them -  I bought these to provide protection more for the abrasive qualities of the lake as well as padding and with thir hard protective shell I think they will more than adequately do the job. After 4 months use they are not really showing any signs of wear and tear as all the stitching is good and apart from being pretty dusty, there are no issues.

I would recommend them to anybody looking for an alternative to 661 (I think they were cheaper to!).

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