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Monday, 30 September 2013

Somebody please...

Lend me a couple of kites for long term review? Sponsor me?

I really need a couple of de-powers to cover the full wind range but my wife's not having it!

I'm getting desperate, trying to figure out what I could sell to fund another de-power, even considering my ozone method 4m but that would leave my quiver seriously depleted. 

Somebody help...!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Video - 3 and a half men, the Simpson Desert crossing

I realised that I have posted this before - but...

Wow! Any epic journey...

"A modest expedition, no massive caravan, no 20 tons of survival gear and no shipping to the hot Saharan sands. 3 and a half men, loaded into a 21 year old Nissan, 1 motorbike, 2 kite buggies and an assortment of kites of all sizes including the magical 21m Speed3 Deluxe from Flysurfer, still in its wrapping shipped from Germany to the Gold Coast in Australia. All with one common goal, to try and be the first to cross the Simpson Desert, Australia’s red heart, by wind-power alone.
Check out this adventure video about a dream that wants to become reality.
All funds which were collected through and from this project have been given to the YHES House:"

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fashionista - part II

My new Ozone kite t-shirt arrived today, like the kites really nice quality and unlike the kites the material is really thick!

So do you think I have a career as a model?

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Pebble dashed...

Got a bit splattered on Saturday morning as the surface of the lake was still a bit sticky...

I gave it all a good hose down when I got home, i'm still waiting for my new bearings!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

What happens...

When your front wheel hits this at 55kph...

You end up wearing (and possibly eating) it!

(Image removed)

I didn't! But I do wish dog owners would clean up after their animals.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Looking favourable...

For the first time in a couple of weeks the wind and weather are looking favourable for a run out in the buggy...

And there's no rain on the radar...

Despite all the rain the surface of the lake is looking ok so I am planning on a mid-morning run out, we have more rain and storms forecast for tomorrow!

Sssshhhh! Don't tell anyone we don't want to jinx it...

Friday, 20 September 2013

iOS 7...

Downloaded to the iPhone and iPad, it will take a few days to get used to the look - does that mean I'm getting old!?

But my first impressions are favourable, appears pretty slick and you should get the new vimeo app...

Thursday, 19 September 2013


I am renowned for my amazing sense of style and passion for clothes! (Please note the heavy sarcasm)

T-shirts and shorts are my regular and I struggle to wear anything else. Please don't ever ask me to wear smart/casual!

But I have a new addition to my wardrobe - why am I posting this on a buggy blog..?

'Cause it's an ozone t-shirt!

Bought from Stonkerboards on ebay.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Garmin Connect

Now I have my new eTrex, it connects easily to our iMac so that I can download my tracks to Garmin Connect...

It also records speed and distance - none of mine are very impressive (yet!) thanks to crappy winter winds!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Buggy Love...

As part of my ongoing buggy maintenance programme, Sunday, I replaced the padding on my back rest. As the old stuff had worn a bit thin...

The padding is made from a swimming pool noodle (thanks kids!), I also adjusted the back rest position slightly...

And repositioned my trusty kite ground stake on the rail...

This week my new bearings should arrive and I will install and grease them. The new front tyre is on - so the buggy will be as good as new, ready for the spring weather to sort itself out!

Monday, 16 September 2013

"Kiting is one of the best sports there is..."

Ok - so he's talking about kite surfing, but I bet he would love it in a buggy!

"Sir Richard Branson and hundreds of kitesurfers have broken a Guinness World Record in Hampshire.

The 318 participants formed the largest parade of kitesurfers to complete a one-mile course.

More than 250 were needed at the event at Hayling Island Golf Course to break the record.

The Virgin boss said: "When you see the beauty of all these kites up in the sky it's magnificent [and] this is more than has ever happened before."

Funds were raised for Snow-Camp, the RNLI and Virgin Unite.

'Perilous aspect'
Sir Richard, who led the parade out to sea, added: "Kiting is one of the best sports there is, if not the best sport.

"Kiters are always up for a challenge and so I suspect next year there will be 600 kiters, and the year after that 900, and so on.

"The most perilous aspect of this is kites getting tangled up in the sky [but] it's really, relatively, very safe.

Sir Richard led the parade out to sea
"I'd recommend it to anybody, just being out on the sea, blown by the wind, bouncing across the waves."

Sir Richard already holds the Guinness World Record as the oldest person to kitesurf across the English Channel.

The 61-year-old crossed from Dymchurch, Kent, to Wimereux in northern France in three hours 45 minutes in July 2012.

In 1987, he set the record for the first hot air balloon to cross the Atlantic.

And in 1991, he was in the first balloon to cross the Pacific from Japan to Arctic Canada.

From 1995 to 1998, Sir Richard, Per Lindstrand and Steve Fossett made attempts to circumnavigate the globe by balloon."

Sunday, 15 September 2013


I woke to blue skies, sunshine and a slightly chilly southerly wind (but at leasts its blowing). But after all the rain this week and partucularly the last 24 hours, Lake Walyungup will be to wet to buggy on...

From the West Australian 14th September 2013-

Perth's start to spring a washout

  • twee
"Perth has almost received the average September rainfall total less than halfway through the month.
According to the Bureau of Meteorology, 80.6mm of rain has fallen on the metropolitan region since the start of the month.
The average rainfall for September is 80.9mm.
Perth recorded 20mm of rain in the 24 hours until 9am today, 44.8mm fell at Gingin Airport and 40.6mm at Busselton Airport.
Strong wind was recorded on Rottnest Island, with a 95km/h gust sweeping across the coast just after 12pm.
A 93km/h gust was recorded at Cape Naturaliste, 74km/h at Cape Leeuwin, 72km/h in Ocean Reef and 70km/h on Garden Island.
Perth can expect isolated showers in the morning and a maximum of 19C tomorrow.
Meanwhile, bushfire warnings are in place for people in Fitzroy Crossing and motorists travelling along Gibb River Road through the King Leopold Ranges Conservation Park."

Saturday, 14 September 2013

It was looking good...

We have had a lot of rain and storms over the last couple of weeks but despite that the surface of the Lake is looking pretty dry, a picture from yesterday on my way to work...

But it has rained a lot over the last 12 hours, I'm hoping it stops soon so it can dry out again!

The wind is looking pretty decent for Sunday morning as well, I'm hoping to fly the 10m Ozone Manta...

Friday, 13 September 2013

Grease me up...!

Following the advice from the guys on Extreme Kites on bearing maintenance I have bought a tub of grease...

"Firstly, before fitting the new bearings, repack them with marine grease. 

This gives great performance and here are the results -

Well today as I was putting my buggy back together (after flying home from sandy point) I thought screw it, I'll throw my spare set of bearing in. The old bearings still spin smooth, with no noise out of them but are extremely rusted on the outside. For interest I washed one out to have a look. I honestly couldn't believe it. Perfect!

These bearing are nearly 2yrs old and I NEVER wash my buggy, but I did take the time to pack them with marine grease before I installed them. That shit is magic.

There is another easy mod you can do to improve the seal on the bearing, to keep the sand and salt water out.

Well it basics just replicates the front wheel bearing on a PL mk2 which has a large stainless washer that extends out over the rubber seal and acts as a "slinger" or "dust shield  and helps to keep the sand away from the seal lip which is what wears it out and allows the salt water etc to get in and stuff the bearing.

There is no actual contact between the washer and the bearing seal so it won't wear it out.
The four 20mm stainless washers cost me $3 from the local bolt shop.

Original with no washer. All the sand is right in at the seal lip.

Wipe clean and smear a bit of marine grease between rubber and washer.

Refit to buggy, spin a few times and wipe off excess grease.

After 2hrs on the beach today this was the result. All the sand was stuck around the edge of the washer but none at all in at the seal lip."

I'm going to be doing this for my new bearings.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

6 ply...

After waiting nearly a month for a new front tyre to arrive from 1powersports it has finally arrived! This was all down to Australia Post losing it...

It's a 6 ply highway rated tyre - the same as I have on the back and will replace the worn out barrow on the front and the knackered front tube...

Valve put on, tyre on rim but couldn't get it to inflate so a quick visit to a local independent tyre place and in two seconds it was seated and inflated!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


It's time to give my buggy some TLC and some new bearings...
The old ones are grinding and don't run freely anymore...

Ordered from ebay and on there way from the UK - much cheaper and better quality than getting localy. I have also had some good advice about increasing the bearings longevity from the guys on Extreme Kites.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Climb every mountain...

The replacement for the Ozone Manta and designed as the ultimate snow-kite is the Ozone Summit...

And i'm sure like my Manta it would be awesome in the buggy as well! And would probably suit me (and is cheaper - though not cheap) more than a Flysurfer Speed! I still think i'm dreaming though...

"The Summit is an all out performance snowkite for dedicated snowkite riders. The Summit has filled the legacy of the well loved Manta.

The Summit 2014 has had small changes to the bridle design from the 2013 model to make the stall/landing smoother, more controlled and from popular demand we have added the all-new 15m to the range.

The Summit is for riders with experience and who are looking for a kite to explore the limits of what we think is possible. The high aspect design, clean sail, de-power range and handling will allow the adventurous to push the boundaries of the sport even further. The Summit has so much potential due to its amazing power generation in light winds but also its big de-power in strong winds. Combine that with fast direct handling and you have the ultimate combination for progressive riders.

The design of this kite has been maximized to deliver as much performance as possible. Each aspect has been calculated using the latest development techniques to produce a kite that pushes the limit of design. With our new software and our years of experience we have put together a unique combination of aspect ratio, cell width, profile and sail tension. We have incorporated technology from our class leading paraglider designs to dramatically improve stability.

The total flag out option is extremely useful when landing the kite at the top of a mountain or in extreme conditions. It allows you to completely kill the power to pack up safely. We still recommend that you land the kite using the webbing brake handle to cleanly stall the kite if conditions permit i.e. when taking a break or finished for the day."

Monday, 9 September 2013

Bloody Tyres!

Came home to find the valve from my front tyre (which has an inner tube) on the floor of the garage...

It had completely come away from the tube, so have a complete flat and no way of inflating it...

I have a new tyre en-route, it was dispatched on the 14th August and thanks to Australia Post still hasn't arrived! Two phone calls last week and hopefully it will be here before the weekend.

Sunday, 8 September 2013


We have been away for a couple of nights, so no buggying for me.

Ferguson Farmstay is in the Ferguson valley and 22kms from Bunbury. It's in an amazing location with views towards Bunbury and the Indian Ocean. 

We have walked, paddled, played with the animals and been chased by cows!