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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Peter Lynn Lynx

After my first foray into the world of depower with my Ozone Manta, I was interested to see that Peter Lynn are now producing the Lynx...

Like the Manta it's primarily marketed as a snowkite -

"...It’s forgiving nature and ease of use makes it the perfect snowkite for riders of all skill levels. Starters will appreciate the kites smooth & constant power delivery and superb stability. Intermediate riders will enjoy the kite’s acceleration and excellent response through the control bar and even advanced riders will be amazed by the kites performance in the more challenging conditions.

The Lynx is rigged with incredibly strong frictionless Ronstan® Series 20 Orbit block pulley’s, a comfortable self landing handle and a flag out safety system that keeps you safe in emergency situations

The Lynx has been developed with the highest quality materials and state of the art production techniques as an “all-round” cruising kite that will have you ride comfortably for hours.

Peter Lynn’s famous stability paired with a perfectly balanced Aspect Ratio results in a kite that is easy to control yet agile enough to keep you smiling for many sessions to come."

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