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Friday, 3 April 2015

What's the best thing to do when you OBE?

Make sure you get it on video!

Yesterday started off fine I even checked the wind before getting the 10m Ozone Manta out, it was 8-10 knots and was forecast to drop. Hooked in and set off down the lake - all good.

This was my first outing with the Soloshot 2, after reading the instructions a few times (yes I am a man and yes I do read instructions!) I thought it might be a bit tricky to set up - but it was very straight forward and pretty simple to get it paired and calibrated.

I had some good runs with the Manta and the green LED on the front of the Soloshot 2 is really visible, even from a distance in bright sun - so you know it is tracking you. 

The wind did appear to be increasing as I was going sideways a fair bit and a gust flipped the buggy with me in it! Without the hotwire I think I would have been lofted a fair way and then dropped. The best thing was the Soloshot 2 recorded all this...

Only a couple of minor grazes and bruises!

Best of all I got it on video! 

Ended up playing on the Ozone Access 6m and as forecast the wind dropped! Not the best days kite buggying but a good test of the Soloshot 2.

I wasn't sure how the Soloshot 2 was going to work, I played around with the zoom levels and the positioning of the camera and the RAW footage is great. 

The only downside is my JVC camcorder isn't compatible with the auto-zoom function and the battery top up. But otherwise really happy - if not a little stiff and sore today!

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