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Monday, 9 July 2012

Confused - Pansh Sprint

I have been looking at other options for a race-kite as my Blade money is burning a hole in my pocket! I have looked at the Pansh Sprint before, I have heard good things about these kites, but have always been concerned I maybe getting second best!

Now I am looking at them with renewed interest as I could probably get two of these for the price of a vapor! But am very confused about the pricing...

4m - $299
1.9m - $299
2.3m - $179
3.3m - $399
(all prices are US$)

Ideally I would like a 2.8m (which is only listed as part of a package with a Flux) and a 3.3m, but might as well buy a 4m as it is cheaper! I have contacted Pansh for some clarity!

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  1. A certain Australian kite shop has Vapors on special at the moment, $384 for the 2.7m2.