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Friday, 6 July 2012


This week life has got in the way of any thoughts of kite buggying, my wife has been away at a conference in Sydney all week, so I have been a single parent...
I have been working school hours 9am 'til 3pm, I have cooked (which I normally do anyway!), I have cleaned (I guess I usually do my fair share), I have done the laundry (I cant send the girls to school with dirty undies), we have been to the orthodontist, the dog has been to the vets, when I get home today I will do the weeks food shopping!

So this is my first opportunity to think about the weekend and the possibility of buggying! I needn't have bothered - there is going to be some wind, but also some rain and the direction isn't any good for the site in Singleton and there is a circus on the other potential site.

But looking on the bright side my wife is going to owe me big time after her week in Sydney - flights, accommodation, expenses and of course childcare!

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