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Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Jaw clenched, so much it aches, shoulders up by my ears, chest tightness and feeling panicky. This is how I have been feeling over the last couple of weeks, waking up in the night with my thoughts spiralling and nothing to get hold of.
Toss and turn, think happy thoughts, try to think of nothing at all - but something keeps going round and round, thoughts spiralling.
During the day more of the same chest tight with butterfly's, shoulders moving up and teeth and jaw aching. Relax, breath, chill but it doesn't help.

I'm normally pretty laid back and things go over my head so feeling like this is unnatural, but I have had it before...

A while back I felt the same and got some free counselling sessions through work, there was nothing, just my mind taking everything out of proportion and I felt much better learnt to identify there wasn't anything.

To switch off I normally visualise kites, buggying and boarding (so why aren't you surprised!) but that hasn't been working.

Still my jaw is clenched and my shoulders are heading back up, the chest tightness has stopped but the last couple of nights I have slept better and am feeling better.

I have a awesome wife, two fantastic girls, a mad dog, a great house and live in a beutiful country. Work is work, we have no financial worries and we are all fit and healthy - life is good. So why do I feel so anxious, thoughts spiralling out of control..

Stop, pull the quick release, let go of the handles let the thoughts collapse and drop like a de-powered kite. No OBE!

My blog is my channel to express my passion for kites, buggying and boarding, but I'm also using it as my therapy to help get these feelings out...

I am feeling better, jaw still aches but feeling more relaxed. I have been Googling and it's normal to feel this way better to recognise it and then you can deal with it, as Dr Brian Ironwood says...

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