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Hi, I’m Mark and I’m addicted to kite buggying... I live in Baldivis (bal as in pal, di as in dead and vis is vis!) about half an hour south of Perth in Western Australia – I emigrated to Aus from Shropshire with my wife and two daughters, the best move we ever made. 

When not out in the buggy you will find me on http://www.extremekites.com.au/ where I am gum-nuts…

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Monday, 16 February 2015


I have replaced the padding on my back rest as the old pool noodle wasn't really working anymore. After some advice from Extreme Kites I opted for some pipe insulation foam. I have used a couple of layers and some duct tape. Just need my wife to make a new cover for it.

Much more comfortable.

Noodle v insulation
Duct taped
needs a new cover