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Sunday, 15 March 2015


I have just got back from my first hotwire experience and I'm a convert! 

The wind was 14, gusting to 21 knots flying the 6m Access. Launched using the harness and then hooked into the Hotwire. First few runs felt a bit strange but soon got used to the feeling of not being hooked directly to the kite.

It was awesome, where as gusts would of lifted my backside from the seat and scared the sh1t out of me I just kept going, if not for the Hotwire I would have probably packed up and gone home - too scared! :eek: 

I would of also de powered the access using the trimmer, but felt confident and secure enough to fly fully powered. On a couple of occasions when a big gust did hit (it was the remenants of tropical cyclone Olwyn) the buggy automatically turned slightly downwind. I did reposition the straps further back after a couple of runs as the front initially felt a bit light.

Slides etc were all the same as being harnessed and the bug felt stable and not once did a rear wheel lift or it feel like it was going to turtle.

Landing was the same as ever powerslide and as the kite de powered grab the brake strap and down it would come.

I would like to get the technique for hooking in and launching in the buggy sorted, then I could do away with the harness completely.


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