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Hi, I’m Mark and I’m addicted to kite buggying... I live in Baldivis (bal as in pal, di as in dead and vis is vis!) about half an hour south of Perth in Western Australia – I emigrated to Aus from Shropshire with my wife and two daughters, the best move we ever made. 

When not out in the buggy you will find me on http://www.extremekites.com.au/ where I am gum-nuts…

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Well, I counted my chickens too soon...

I wish the wind would make its mind up..

One minute it's blowing, get to Lake Walyungup and it goes.

Head to work to pick something up, wind blows.

Get home wind goes, unload buggy and kite, hose buggy off, you guessed it wind blows.

Think about putting buggy back in car, wind goes.

Sat here watching the trees sway nicely in the wind, too bloody late as I have stuff to do and kids to pick up!