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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Lake Lefroy Land Sailing Club regatta...

Arrived and Friday and was able to fly the new Ozone R1 7m, it was about 6-7 knots. 

Yesterday was a lot of sitting around waiting for the wind but did get a play at about 3. The frustrating thing is that areas of the lake are still quite wet and we are using the ponds which are surrounded by causeways - so you quite rapidly run out of room.

They also have some water on them in places, so the salt spray is bad. Ended up not being able to see, through a combination of salt and sun-screen in my eyes - just couldn't keep them open! 

The kite, buggy and other gear is going to need a really good clean when I get home.

Lots of wind overnight and it's still blowing this morning, though we have had a few spots of rain. It's then a case of seeing which areas are driest. I'm hoping that if the wind is more consistent I can get some video.

The Ozone R1 7m is an awesome kite, i did fly it in 6-7 knots on the first day, then had a bit of trouble trying to get it to launch in next to nothing yesterday morning. But in the afternoon it really came into its own, with fantastic acceleration, super quick, tight turns, and  huge potential for speed - just need a bit more space and consistent wind!

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