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Tuesday, 19 June 2012


My wife keeps asking me why I want (more like need) a new buggy, here are my reasons-
Sysmic S2 - my dream machine
  1. Safety
This is my primary concern, off course! A new buggy would have a wider rear axle and a lower centre of gravity providing a much more stable and safer ride. Therefore reducing the risk of OBE’s and flipping it.

  1. Speed
The lower COG and wider axle would allow me to hold down more power and hopefully push my speed.
Apexx Exxtreme

  1. Endurance
Longer and more comfortable buggy sessions.

  1. Longevity
I have always been a great believer in - you get what you pay for, the PL comp is a great buggy and was brilliant to learn and develop my skills in. Now I am ready for that next step and need a buggy that will allow me to keep pushing and will last me for years.
PPW Cougar
  1. Sanity
Checking out new kit helps keep me sane while I am not getting out as frequently – it’s either howling wind and rain or nothing at the moment! Imagine the fun I would have with a shiny new buggy to put together, then I could sit in it in the garage (those of you who buggy know what I am talking about!).

  1. Development
For me to continue to push my limits, develop my skills and go faster and harder, I need to upgrade my kit – buggy and kites.
Libre Dragster

  1. Support the manufacturing industries during times of global recession
Ok, I maybe pushing it a bit now!

At least my wife is talking about it now - and the seed has been sown, which often germinates into something new for me!

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