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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Winter Down-under

The first of July is officially the first day of winter; last weekend we were really lucky with the weather with warm days, blue skies and some wind (even if they were North-Easterlies). With highs of 24 degrees it was a pleasure to be out, even if some of that time I was just sat in the buggy waiting for the wind...
Sunday 3rd July 2012

Sunday 3rd July 2012
This week winter has arrived, we have wind - gusty and strong, but we have also have had a good dumping of rain (which is much needed!) but never the less it's still cold and wet! Though we still have a maximum of 20-21 degrees forecast most days (that's cold!). And the dark and wet makes it feel colder...

The wind for the weekend is variable with strong northerly's forecast for Sunday, with rain increasing- which means if I am to go out in the buggy I am going to need to try and find somewhere else (again) - maybe I should just have a doona day (doona = duvet) and spend the day under the blankets - fat chance!

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