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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Buggy lust - GT-Race Rapide Ultralight

I have previously wondered why race/performance buggies have to be so heavy?

Apparently they don't! Meet the GT-Race Rapide Ultralight -  Weighing in at only 38kgs...

"One of the lightest full breed race buggies available.

The Rapide UL will be available as a concept, it comes with either a narrow or bigfoot full fork and heelbraced steps, a single 60 x 40 mm tube and carbon rear axle. To maintain the balance of the Rapide UL, weight has been saved on both front and rear section, therefore we don’t allow any modifications and / or extra parts on the Rapide UL.

The rear section features a very special, by GT-Race made, carbon axle. The carbon doesn’t work as suspension, but only damps vibrations and provides a smooth ride."

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