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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Love to buggy...

I just loved this post, so had to stick it on here...

"Back in '96 I was riding on Belongil beach on the north side of Byron Bay with the boys. At the time I lived opposite. It had been heavy north easter for few days, and the bluebottles had all washed up in sections on the beach. Masses of them, but all in lumps every 50 yards or so.

We buggied late afternoon in the low tide. Hot day in shorts and a T-shirt. Covered in sand and wet, my boardies flapping up around my ears, goolies hanging out flapping in the breeze. Wasn't paying to much attention ahead, and POW hit a patch of bluebottles, my trusty peter lynn mk 1 barrows shredded bluebottles into a bluebottle paste, and sprayed all up my nuts.

....i love to buggy ;) but beware the bluebottles."

From igeighty posted on Extreme Kites.

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