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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

How to beat the 24 hour solo distance record...


08:00am - getting up
09:00am - breakfast, driving to the beach
10:30am - equipment check, attaching the gps to the buggy
10:40am - wind: wsw 9-13kn, start with zebra z3 6.5m²
11:50am - wind: wsw 12-15kn, peter lynn vapor 5.4m²
12:00pm - notifying the other drivers at the beach
12:30pm - wind: wsw 15-19kn, peter lynn vapor 3.8m², short break
02:00pm - wind: w 16-22kn, peter lynn vapor 2.7m², 156km
02:10pm - wind: w 16-22kn, peter lynn vapor 3.8m²
03:30pm - wind: wsw 15-21kn
03:50pm - wind: wsw 15-21kn, 250km, short break
06:00pm - wind: wsw 16-21kn
06:55pm - wind: wsw 14-18kn, short break, changing the batteries, 412km
07:45pm - wind: wsw 13-19kn, peter lynn vapor 5.4m²
09:25pm - wind: wsw 14-19kn, changing the bearing in front tire, attaching the lamp to helmet and snap light sticks to the rear axle
09:40pm - wind: wsw 14-19kn, loosing presure in front tire, changing front tire
10:00pm - adding snap light sticks near the turning points

Day 2 

01:00am - wind: wsw 13-19kn, adding 40 smaller snap light sticks along the track
01:30am - wind: wsw 11-18kn, short rain (a few drops)
02:30am - wind: w 12-18kn
02:50am - wind: wnw 12-16kn, short break, changing the batteries again, 742km
03:30am - wind: nw 11-17kn, zebra z3 6.5m²
04:30am - wind: w 9-13kn, short break, peter lynn vapor 7.8m², 795km
06:00am - removing the snap light sticks
06:30am - wind: w 9-15kn, short break, 872km
08:00am - wind: w 10-15kn
09:00am - wind: w 10-17kn, short break, peter lynn vapor 5.4m², 963km
09:45am - wind: w 14-21kn, peter lynn vapor 3.8m²
10:00am - storm from west
10:20am - storm starts with lightning over the sea, aborting
10:30am - first congratulations from other kiters
10:40am - packaging all stuff during the rain, driving home, breakfast

total distance within 24h: 1035km – new world record
time in motion: 22:10h
average speed: 46,7km
driver: Stefan Berkner aka Ska (G2107)
track on kitetrax:

Support: Vera K., Martin H., Christian B., Tobias P, Michael P.

libre protask, peter lynn vapor 2.7m², 3.8m², 5.4m², 7.8m², zebra z3 6.5m²
peter lynn radical harness, ball bearing snatch block
3 garmin foretrex 101, 1 garming foretrex 301, 24 batteries
cm3 led lamp with cree xm-l t6 led
a lot of snap light sticks


1035Km or 643.11 miles  -  

Stefan Berkner  G2017 aka Ska

Stefan Berkner G2017 aka Ska

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