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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Pansh Aurora

I really like flying my Ozone Manta II 10m, flying on a bar in the buggy is great especially with my SB Harness. I have been looking at other de-power options and they all seem quite expensive and definitely way beyond my budget. Then I came across the latest kite from Pansh - the Aurora...

Info from the Pansh website-

"PANSH AURORA is a great high performance closed-cell depower kite for land kiting, snow kiting, buggy kiting and kite boarding/surfing. It is a 5-line intermediate to advanced level kite. The kite comes in 5 sizes- 8m², 10m², 12m², 15m² and 19m².

PANSH AURORA is made of superb high quality material. The material is waterproofed with perfect coating. The material is extremely light. The PANSH AURORA kite has great wind range. It flies well even in the light wind. The kite has the dirt-outs in tips, special Pansh-designed air intakes with efficient Dual-way Alternate Inflation System, four deflation zippers, bridle plan design with completely new Pansh depower system, and the special design of the flag out safe system.

PANSH AURORA depower kite is a high performance depower kite for people who is interested in land kiting, snow kiting, buggy kiting and kite boarding/surfing. Flyers will enjoy the happiest flying time with the kite. PANSH AURORA is a very stable depower kite. It is extremely stable in gusty conditions. The kite has big amount of lift, hang time and high flying speed. These can make you experience a really good time no matter you are on sands, snow, grass or water.

We believe if you choose the Pansh AURORA you will find out how well and easily control the kite is. You will be very impressed by its amazing performance."

It's a great looking kite and the colours are fully customisable. I have read a few reviews about the Aurora and they are mixed, some talk about issues with the bridle needing modifications and the pulleys. I would also be interested to see pictures of the bar/ready to fly set up. 

I know that Pansh are continually updating/modifying their designs to improve the performance and handling of their kites - all based on customer feedback. I have contacted them to see if I get some more info on the bar and bridles

The Pansh Aurora could be a serious contender for my next kite - well maybe kites! As at present they have a buy one get one free offer!

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