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Monday, 4 November 2013


Yesterday was a bit of a disappointment - there was loads of wind, in fact there was too much for my present quiver of kites.

But it did help me make a decision about where I want to go with my kites...

I have listed my Ozone Method 4m and Ozone Flow 5m for sale on Extreme Kites and on racekites and I am going to go totally de-power and am hoping to get a 2013 6m Ozone Access as this will sit nicely below the 10m Manta.

I was dreaming of a flysurfer speed 3 12m, but $2000+ was a bit out my league and i'm not sure I would have wanted to fly a 12m kite in yesterdays conditions, despite a huge de-power range!

So if you are interested in either of my kites drop me a line!

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