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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Buggy Lust - Libre Majestic

After finding out that the Libre Protask is being discontinued (insert sad face!) I have yet again transferred my affections - this time to it's replacement the Libre Majestic (slightly dodgy name though!)...

"Brand new race–Buggy with high safety potential. Together with the world's best Buggy pilots we created the new Majestic.
High speed and maneuverability are achieved through an extremely rigid frame design. The inward curved seat rails prevent the pilots from being lifted out of the buggy. The result is an additional safety feature for the race-pilot as well as for the ambitious recreational pilots.

The wide rubber pads on the foot pegs absorb the vibrations in hard use, offering a fatigue-free comfortable buggy ride."

I am a buggy tart!

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