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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The most advanced production buggy on the Planet

The Hobbs McConaghy Buggy

  • Chassis – Hollow one piece carbon fibre the manufacturing technique is the same process used for aerospace / formula one etc
  • Front Suspension – twin fully adjustable air shocks mounted to a solid carbon fibre swing arm, this removes shock and vibration to both foot pegs and chassis
  • Rear Suspension – twin fully adjustable air shocks
  • Quick Release Appendages – aerospace quick release pins allow for rear wheels – rear axles – front end assembly to be removed from the light weight chassis / seat assembly - assembly can be achieved in under 150 seconds without tools and dis-assembled in 90 seconds.
  • Seat – Ergonomically shaped race car style bucket seat with formula one inspired fairings

The prototype buggy has taken over a year and a thousand hours of labour and would have been unbelievable without the support of McConaghy’s.Well this buggy will be manufactured by McConaghy Boats (China) a world leader in grand prix race yachts

Who is behind this project?

I am a English Ex Pat Dave Hobbs who now lives in Sydney Australia (not a mecca for kite buggying I know) but i’m a mad kite nut and engineering designer and builder who just happens to work for a world class yacht builder.
Our website will launch on the 1st November From the 3rd November the buggy will be at extreme kites speed week

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