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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Buggy Lust - The Libre Protask

After seeing the Libre Protask on Extreme Kites I now have a new object of my desire...

"The design brief for the Protask was “Simple and Effective”: Three years of development work on the Protask has resulted in a design that has maximized frame-buckling resistance.

Harmonious handling: The perfectly balanced geometry produces excellent drivability, which for most pilots is achieved without extra weights.

Synergy: The combination of geometry and frame-buckling resistance offers, particularly on a cross wind where sideways stresses and power are greatest, high stability so that the Protask maintains a brilliant straight course.

Low depreciation: Because of the beauty of the unique design, its stability, ability to convert and high quality workmanship endows it with low obsolescence thus guaranteeing longer ownership."

For more info look at Libre Protask

Pictures and description from Libre - mmm sexy bug!


  1. Personally I would prefer a Majestic

  2. The Majestic is very nice, but love the stripped down look of the Protask. The Majestic also looks bloody expensive.