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Tuesday, 16 October 2012


I spent the weekend getting my buggying mojo back!

After a long winter of very little buggying and then a recent OBE, for the first time this weekend I felt I was back in the zone and able to start pushing a bit harder. Using the 3m Peter Lynn Core I was able to start kicking the buggy around a bit more and sliding harder and faster.

Saturday was great, after a couple of hours and my first attempt at the 1 hour challenge I was joined by my wife and kids...

and my wife got a couple of piccies of me...

I also had some help getting the buggy back to the car park...

Then Sunday brought stronger, gustier winds, a couple of times started to feel my backside leaving the seat! But persevered and kept on pushing through the gusts and gaining in confidence in the kite, the buggy and my abilities! Got a season best!
well off my PB but feel that I have got the buggy mojo back!

Due to operator error (and I checked twice!) I didn't start endomondo on Sunday, so no track and no entry to the 1 hour challenge. Had to give up after a couple of hours because of a sore back, not sure if it's buggying two days in a row, the PL seat or my age!

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