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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Aerial video

I have seen some excellent video taken from a camera mounted on the kite of bridal of the kite - GoPro do make a kite line mount, but this only works on depower/LEI's.

mounted on an LEI spar.

Though Slarti on extreme kites mounted a GoPro on a foil using gaffer tape, it's an amazing image from a fantastic viewpoint...

I have been looking at ways to mount the kite on a fixed bridle foil...

made from poly-pipe to fit over the lines
In the end I have decided to try and mount it on the kite using some very powerful rare earth neodynium magnets, purchased form ebay for $3.49!

My idea is to attach the GoPro to a mounting plate, and some how, using magnets attached to the plate or steel on the plate secure it onto the sail of the kite with more magnets! It is going to take some experimetation, trial and error - but i'm hoping the results will be worth it! 

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