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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Two wheels on my wagon...

I started to replace my tyres today...

which meant putting the least worn one on the front with an inner tube and replace the two back ones with the new ones bought off ebay.

The front one was first and was sorted quickly...

The new tyres are 6 ply, highway rated trailer tyres and took a bit more work to get over the rims. But after sitting them in the sun and some washing up liquid they both went over the rims pretty easily - well much easier than I anticipated!

old and new (on the rims)

The first one I tried inflating and popped over the beading with my 12v air-compressor, to easy! The second just wouldn't grip and inflate. Despite trying the air-compressor at the servo, using a ratchet strap to hold the tyre tightly onto the rim and liberal amounts of washing up liquid.
inflated and seated on the rim
So at present I only have two wheels on my buggy and the third is in the boot of the car so I can sweet talk a tyre place to inflate it and get it on the rim properly.

So unfortunately no buggying for me Sunday!

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