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Friday, 10 May 2013


I am after a big, low wind kite, a 6.5m would do me nicely!

But Ozone Method...

Or a HQ Toxic...

I love my 4m Ozone Method, but the 6.5m Toxic is about $120 cheaper than the equivalent method - the Toxic also has a slightly higher aspect ratio (4.5 compared to 4.2) so potentially will be faster!

I have a 3m Toxic to play with and my first impressions around the build quality of the kite is good - it's German engineered, it's a very nicely put together kite, definitely on a par with Ozone. I am hoping that I get to fly the 3m Toxic over the weekend then I will know which way I'm going to jump!

Mind you there is one major stumbling point before I get a new kite - and that's my wife...

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