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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Video - HQ Toxic 3m, first flight

I took the 3m Toxic out for the first run in the buggy yesterday, the wind was pretty off and on with the occasional gusts.

The kite preformed really well, it turns quickly and felt pretty stable, it definitely inspired confidence and I would be happy to take it out in much stronger winds. My main concern about the Toxic is that all the blurb you read says it is a "lifty" kite - there were a few occasions when I shoved it to the top of the wind window and there wasn't any lift. Which is what I want in a buggy kite.

It does need brake input to keep it happy and in the zone, as you can see by the position of my hands in the video...

Overall a great kite, well made and nice to fly - I will definitely looking at taking it out in higher winds and will write a proper review when I have had more flight time.

Now I am working on my wife for a 6.5m Toxic!

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