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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Kite Tart!

I have decided that I am officially a kite tart!

I spend my days lusting after different bits of rip-stop nylon, Ozone, Peter Lynn, HQ, Flexifoil it doesn't matter what brand if it flies and can pull me a long then I want it! After flying the HQ Toxic, guess what I wanted? Another HQ Toxic - but bigger!

Yesterday I came to a decision I need to be monogamous (well at least to one brand) and despite costing more and despite my wife not approving another purchase (yet) I think when I do get a 6.5m it is going to be another Method...

My 4m Method is awesome, it ticks all the boxes for me and though the Toxic is a great kite I think I will always be wishing (and lusting) for another Method.

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