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Friday, 13 September 2013

Grease me up...!

Following the advice from the guys on Extreme Kites on bearing maintenance I have bought a tub of grease...

"Firstly, before fitting the new bearings, repack them with marine grease. 

This gives great performance and here are the results -

Well today as I was putting my buggy back together (after flying home from sandy point) I thought screw it, I'll throw my spare set of bearing in. The old bearings still spin smooth, with no noise out of them but are extremely rusted on the outside. For interest I washed one out to have a look. I honestly couldn't believe it. Perfect!

These bearing are nearly 2yrs old and I NEVER wash my buggy, but I did take the time to pack them with marine grease before I installed them. That shit is magic.

There is another easy mod you can do to improve the seal on the bearing, to keep the sand and salt water out.

Well it basics just replicates the front wheel bearing on a PL mk2 which has a large stainless washer that extends out over the rubber seal and acts as a "slinger" or "dust shield  and helps to keep the sand away from the seal lip which is what wears it out and allows the salt water etc to get in and stuff the bearing.

There is no actual contact between the washer and the bearing seal so it won't wear it out.
The four 20mm stainless washers cost me $3 from the local bolt shop.

Original with no washer. All the sand is right in at the seal lip.

Wipe clean and smear a bit of marine grease between rubber and washer.

Refit to buggy, spin a few times and wipe off excess grease.

After 2hrs on the beach today this was the result. All the sand was stuck around the edge of the washer but none at all in at the seal lip."

I'm going to be doing this for my new bearings.

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