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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Video - Ozone Frenzy 2014

"The Frenzy 2014 is a high performance freestyle kite aimed at intermediate to advanced snowkiters who are looking for performance and versatility. The Frenzy has massive pop, tight turn speed and crisp responsive handling. If you are into fast mountain riding, carving massive tracks in the powder or boosting huge handle passes from snowy wind lips then this is the kite for you.

For the design of the Frenzy 2014 we started with a clean sheet of paper and using feedback from our team of pro riders we developed an outstanding kite. Our riders wanted a do it all kite with performance, stability and safety for the ultimate Freeride and Freestyle experience. After a full winter of prototyping and development we have come up with a new planform, higher arc, new line layout and performance profile. The 2014 design has fulfilled this requirement and will take the potential of the sport to new levels.

The total flag out option is extremely useful when landing the kite in extreme conditions. It allows you to completely kill the power to pack up safely. We still recommend that you land the kite using the webbing brake handle to cleanly stall the kite if conditions permit i.e. when taking a break or finished for the day.

The Frenzy name is a classic, known and loved by many snowkiters. It has been the bench mark of snowkite design since it was first released to the public in winter of 2002/3 and helped kick start the amazing sport as we know it now. This year we are very proud of the design as we know that this is the best yet.

• New specifically generated profile for performance and inherant stability.
• New increased arc to improve the turn speed for more explosive energy and pop.
• New Planform. 
• Stall handle to land the kite or relaunch the kite with ease wherever you wish.
• 100% Flag-out safety system for emergency situations.
• The Frenzy is constructed from market leading materials.
• Double pulley speed-system, utilising the latest high spec Ronstan Orbit pulleys. 
• Unique blow-out-valves on the under surface help prevent damaging the kite if crashed.

SIZES 5, 7, 9, 11, 13"

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