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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Buggy lust, The GT Rapide FL...

"GT-Race Rapide

Not revolution, but evolution, the GT-Race Rapide FL (facelift) our competitive full breed race buggy!

The Rapide FL offers it all, good looks, durable build quality, multiple adjustment possibilities and outstanding performance.
Recongnizable at first glance, we tried to maintain our distinctive look and feel, but improoved the concept all the way.

Thanks to our team riders we had the change to do a thorough shake down, the Rapide FL has proven to be a very strong compagnion on
your trips. We chose for a strong design not the easy, the rigid 40x60mm + 80x60mm downtube holds a M20 headstock which is expected to last a lifetime.
The fork is build with an 8 mm underplate which gives it much strength, in addition the heelbraced steps are locked in place.
A Rapide FL frame distinguishes itself by its comfortable seat position and includes a backsupport, the siderails are positioned just above your pelvis and lock you in place when needed.
The special made high-end seat just adds that extra comfort, to assure a long life the sides of the seats are enforced.
The rear axle has a unique 'lock in place' system, no need to completely disassemble bolts and nuts, just hook it in to place.

All Rapide FL’s will be delivered including unbreakable Dibond raceplates including sticker set and race numbers, the raceplates are bend and bolted on to the frame forming a closed shell.

As usual the GT Rapide will be made to fit, just ask us if there are any special concerns."

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