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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Purely hypothetical...

Yesterday I was comparing the Sonic FR and Ozone R1, I have been dreaming of getting a 6m R1 ever since I tried the 11m in the buggy, but thought I would look at the other options...

The 6m R1 and 9m Sonic are priced similarly, by the time you add bar and lines in - but looking at the wind ranges the 9m Sonic has a much larger wind range, which would theoretically cover both the two kites I own now.

Which means I could argue suggest to my wife that one kite would replace two kites which I could then sell to partly fund the new kite, the rest of which could be Christmas/birthday present!

Am I reading this wrong or does the Sonic have a seriously impressive wind range? It also looks awesome in the the black, the kite not the wind range...


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