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Monday, 24 August 2015

Video - Kite Aerial Video, from a buggy...

First published on Extreme Kites...

"Setup the Ultrafoil on a 70m line from the back of the buggy. Attached a picavet mount and gorpo 50m up the line - which is a little far away I think. Used some pvc pipe to raise the line from the back axle so it would clear my head when I turn underneath it. Light winds, 7m Nasa Star 2 and a very bumpy paddock. This should work well down at the beach. The ultrafoil only puts 2 or 3 kg of pull on the line although I expect more when I get some speed on the beach. Once at speed, the Ultrafoil should swing more behind me as it feels the apparent wind. Looks like it will work ok."

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