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Hi, I’m Mark and I’m addicted to kite buggying... I live in Baldivis (bal as in pal, di as in dead and vis is vis!) about half an hour south of Perth in Western Australia – I emigrated to Aus from Shropshire with my wife and two daughters, the best move we ever made. 

When not out in the buggy you will find me on http://www.extremekites.com.au/ where I am gum-nuts…

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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

f-one foil kite...

Another high AR closed cell depower joins the race scene to compete against the Ozone Chrono, Ozone R1 and Flysurfer Sonic FR...

The f-one foil -

"But why should customers need a foil kite?

Of course foiling competitors won’t be the only ones to enjoy the benefits of foil kites. When we looked at the "ultra light" wind conditions, so below 10 knots, the foil kites became clearly interesting. In those light condition the foil kites are lighter than big inflatable sizes and they also have better performances. They deliver more power but have also more speed so on a hydrofoil you can make the most of the speed they provide to create apparent wind.

You can therefore use a kite of smaller area with great power, light-weight and high performances.
Moreover hydrofoils are actually going so fast that you need a fast kite to keep everything on the same balance. It’s quite a different thing from riding a twintip which is much slower."
Shared from http://www.f-onekites.com/News/Products/Post/kitefoil