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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Lake Walyungup - Restrictions

Further to my previous run in with the Rangers (Ok it was more a friendly chat), I have now spoken to the DEC and have had clarification of the issue…

Land Yachting has also occurred mainly in summer when the dry lake bed is able to be driven on… DEC gives approval to undertake these recreational activities… Model aircraft flying and land yachting are only permitted in a designated area under dry lake bed conditions.”
Rockingham Lakes Regional Park, Proposed Final Management Plan 2010

Consequently, there is a seasonal restriction on access to Lake Walyungup and this is to prevent damage to the surface of the lake. The main issue being vehicles driving onto the lake, the locks have been changed on the access gates!

I have spoken to the DEC and even though as kite buggiers we don’t drive on to the lake, the restriction covers the land yachts and kite buggies are classed as the same. I do understand that they are unable to allow one group access and not another. The model aero-club also has restricted access and will now be flying close to the car-park.

Access during this time could lead to a fine or at worst a complete ban on use of the lake. So for the time being we are going to have to wear it and find other locations to buggy, which is pretty frustrating as the wind forecast for Sunday is looking good…

My plan now is to find an alternative location and I have a couple of places I need to check out, as well as keep playing lotto…

A couple of hectares of land; cleared, flattened and we have a purpose built buggy park which could be used whatever direction the wind is blowing – keep dreaming!

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