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Friday, 18 May 2012

Video & Song - Shoot the breeze

Here is the story...

"A couple of months ago, Steffen Born asked if I could write a song for the Nasa Star 2 kite. I'd had a previous idea about writing a song about kite buggying and making a music clip to go with it, but I only had got as far as a riff and a couple lines of verse. I had not written anything for the last three years, but this was an offer and challenge I was very pleased to accept. Several hours of guitar playing and as many again of trying to get the lyrics to make sense and 'Shoot the Breeze' materialized. I know that the saying "shoot the breeze' means to talk idly, but I figure if whitewater kayakers can 'shoot the rapids', surely us kiters can 'shoot the breeze'. Of course, once I had the song, I had to make the video! So here it is."

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