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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Quality Time…

I spent some quality time the other day with my kites - unpacking, checking them over and then repacking them away. So that next time the wind is good I am ready to go with out any knots or tangles.

The need for this came about when I last tried to fly the Blade, and I unpacked it to find the lines in a complete twist. I had quickly packed it away the last time I flew it, ahead of a rain-storm and obviously hadn’t done a very good job – then trying to sort it out on the salt lake with a couple of beefy Rangers breathing down my neck was impossible!

All my kites are in excellent condition and after a couple of hints (thank-you Bones), including one from the team at Peter Lynn kites I found the Velcro to hold the bridles on my Core – hidden inside the openings to the cells!
Velcro tab

Now all I need is the go-ahead from the DEC, some wind and we are ready to go…

Maybe a couple of vapors and a Sysmic S2, wouldn’t go amiss – I’m not sure if my wife reads my blog but - hint, hint!

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