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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Divided Affections

I have been lusting after a Sysmic S2 kite buggy for some time now, but now I feel my affections wavering and I am passing lustful glances in another direction…

XXtreme ApeXX
One Sexy Bug!

"XXtreme buggy’s are created and designed, in the Netherlands, by Ruud van Engelen.

The XXtreme XXracer and the XXtreme ApeXX are both buggy’s for competitive racing. The ApeXX is on the cutting edge of design in front of the fast developments which occur nowadays in the international competition scene.
Both of the buggy’s are build to give every pilot excellent comfort, sitting position and road handling. The buggy’s are therefore ideal to every pilot’s demands, also with intensive usage. All modification made, for example different sizes of wheels and skates have no influence on the geometrics of whole buggy.

This concepts is still unique in the buggy scene. Here are some concepts which make the XXtreme buggy’s so special: Stiffnes of the frame is a thing we put a lot of effort in. The stiffer a frame is , the more “feel” or “control” the pilot will have, especially with high speeds and in bends the XX-buggy will have a better grip then the conventional buggy’s.

The result of this is that race tracks can be ridden more effectively and faster. The cross in the back of the frame is also a very important part of this design…. Some facts: Xxtreme was the first one who used the so called “swanneck” downtube Xxtreme was the first one who used the “bend” in the sidebars, see xxracer.

Xxtreme was the first one that used and invented the special siderails as seen on the Apexx. All this is just a small summary from al creations that came from the Xxtreme Factorys many tried to copied it, but nobody succeed!"

Ooo Yeah!

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