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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Method in my madness - part deux!

I had some feedback on my choice of the Ozone Method on Extreme Kites -

"A 4m Method an 'upgrade' from a 4.4m Reactor....???? I think NOT. Hey, don't get me wrong. I love my Methods, but they need a lot more wind per size than a Reactor does. Check out the Speed Week 2011 video...I'm on a 4m Method in about 13-14 knots or so and Rob Lukin comes blitzing past me with a 4.4m Reactor. (I think that's what it was....) Mind you, in 18 knots, the Method is still going gangbusters and the Reactor may be somewhat of a handful. The wind range for me on the 4m Method is 14 knots up to around 22 or so.

Top speed is hard to say...I managed a couple of 67kph with the 4m Method and a 71kph with the 5m. From the little time I had with the 4.4m Reactor, I'd say the Method is a lot easier to fly and tamer but it just needs more wind to do what a reactor will."

My response-

"For me it's an upgrade!

Listed as $84 more expensive than the reactor2 4.4m at kitepower, and they cant get reactor 2 4.4m - and I like to buy from them as they have always provided exceptional service.

The reactor 2 may provide more raw power and speed, but the way I fly I like stability and predictability. My Core frustrates the hell out of me at times, especially in gusty conditions, powered-up then, under powered and bow-tying. Don't get me wrong I love it and when the winds clean it's a fantastic kite.

Where as my 5m Flow is just a dream, it may not have the speed (but I did do 57.7kph with it a couple of weeks ago), but the stability and predictability of this kite is amazing (I even managed to keep it in the air when I did an unintentional 360!) I love to fly it over-powered and I have never OBEed with this kite -yet!

...And this is where I am hoping the method is going to fit in, more performance, but still user friendly and stable and the 4m is going to give me a good crossover between the 5m Flow and 3m Core - I can see this being the kite I fly the most.

Why do I feel like I am justifying my purchase? I did a fair amount of research before deciding what kite to buy - especially after my mistake with buying the vapor and the Method was at the top of my list but I couldn't justify the extra $'s - so for me it's an upgrade!

or to summarise -

I'm a boring old fart who rates stability, predictability and fun over speed, power and getting my arse whooped!"

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