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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Method in my madness...

I contacted kitepower today to find out when my new kite would arrive...

They don't have any Peter Lynn Reactor 2 4.4m's in stock! So have offered me a free upgrade to a 4m Ozone Method...

Hmmm - let me think...

So I am now waiting on delivery of a 4m Ozone Method - 


“What I wanted to do was make a kite that has the speed of a high performance kite, the stability of a beginner kite and handles like a sports car. I have been talking with our paragliding designers and they have shared their new theories which have been helping them produce the highest performing paraglider to date!

I have reduced the line drag to a minimum with extensive use of diagonals. I worked on the sail tension to maintain a clean leading edge. The section I have chosen produces good speed and it’s very stable. The aspect ratio is 4.2 which means it is not over stretched and keeps it compact with a solid feeling. When we were out testing the Method was only just behind the Yakuza and in strong conditions on small sizes the Method was a real contender. I prefer the Method for my style of riding, I am not a racer but I like to go fast and have good up wind ability without having to concentrate on the kite all the time.

My top speeds were about the same as the Yakuza but I was getting there slower. Having said that going round a mark fast is easy because on the Method you can just flick the kite around without needing to be precise on the controls. The other great aspect is that just about anyone with four line handle experience can fly this kite, it’s just easy and feels smooth and solid. It’s not designed to be a race winner but you would have fun trying and you would not be far off the pace!

Another great thing is that the Method flies exceptionally well with the Ozone Turbo bar, making it an excellent option for a performance landboarding kite, or for riders who prefer to use a bar.”

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