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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Peter Lynn Vapor 2.7m - For Sale

Foolishly I have decided to sell my Vapor, I have only had it a couple of months - but I can't get the best out of this kite as it is so powerful, it scares me! I only feel comfortable flying it under-powered and then it takes a fair bit of work, soon as it gets powered up then it is brown undies time!

Loved my 3m Core when I flew it recently and am so glad I didn't sell that! I am thinking I may look for a 4.4m Peter Lynn Reactor, so some performance but not the pure power of the Vapor.

The Vapor has only been flown twice and is still very crispy and almost as new, comes as kite only with the bag.

There is some marking on it from when I bled on it after an OBE (4th Picture), otherwise it is immaculate...


It is listed on Extreme Kites, just don't tell my wife!

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