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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Method in my madness - Teil Vier, the first flight!

Yesterday I took the Method to the footie oval to attach the lines and have a quick go! Like all Ozones the Method has numbered lines to make for easy set-up. But true to form I still managed to get the lines twisted and tangled just unwrapping them from the winder - this is why I para-pack!

Once the lines were attached the kite sat there partly inflated, the Method has it's air intakes covered by mesh like my Flow but unlike the Flow only has seven. A quick tug and up it went, even flying static the kite was quick through the air and turned easily without brakes and with a bit of brake would spin in its own length.

It looks incredible the graphics are great and I love the green, with the sun behind it and against the sky it is a awesome looking kite.

Despite gusty conditions, the kite was great to fly and definitely develops some serious power and speed. I can't wait to try it in the buggy...

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