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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Are you speeding?

We went down to Bunbury yesterday for the day (labour Day in Western Australia), which is about an hour or so from home.
Panorama using iPhone 5
We had a good time walked on the beach, did a couple of geocaches. Then discovered the car had a flat!

No hassle changing it and putting on the spare - the biggest hassle was the spare is a space-saver with a maximum speed of 80kph.

So driving home was interesting as the highway has a speed limit of 110kph and there was us cruising a long at a very sedentary 80kph - I did receive a couple of rude gestures! And what is it with big 4WD towing motorbikes and quads that think they can pull out and overtake at the very last minute? There were a couple of times I thought somebody was going to go into the back of us!

I did pass at least two fixed speed cameras (double demerits in WA over a public holiday weekend), with little signs up after you have passed them asking "Are you speeding?".

The journey home took just over an hour and a half  - but I think I saved some fuel!

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