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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Weight - Part II

Back in mid November I posted that I had dropped below 80kgs. Well after the Christmas blip, a holiday in January and relies from the UK staying I gradually got that back up to around 82kgs!

Well thanks to my wife and her inspiration - today I finally managed to get below 78Kgs!

Now I just need to buy a new kite to celebrate!


  1. Congratulations, Mark! What height are you? I'm a similar age and I'm working on shifting some kilos. Target is 70kg. I want to get more bang for my buck from those kites, so a lighter pilot will help! ;-)

    1. 172cm (5ft 8) - I have just cut out all the stuff between meals, cut down on the wine and eating smaller portions! It's hard at times but the weight dropping weight dropping does help.

      The biggest issue now is my harness is loose even on its tightest!