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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Review - Ozone Access SB Harness

I got my Ozone Access SB (Spreader Bar) Harness as a Christmas present last year. Before the harness I could only manage about two hours and I would have to give up. After 4 Months of buggying without a harness I swear my arms were both a couple of cm's longer than when I started kiting!
Mark's arms had grown longer since he started kiting!

The harness is designed like a rock climbing harness, with ergonomically designed leg straps to prevent it riding up. It has loads of padding in the legs and back-straps and the spreader is attached to the leg straps to prevent it tilting. Its is made from tough, but light-weight nylon and comes with a spliced Amsteel back leash line or cargo attachment for towing (designed for snow kiting).

This harness has completely changed the way I buggy, I did try a few different types before opting for the Ozone. It is comfortable, particularly when sat in the buggy and doesn't shift or ride up. It took me a few times to get the positioning right, ensuring that the back strap is low enough and tight enough. Once strapped in properly I hardly notice it is there.

Holding the power has now become a piece of cake, especially on those hard work up-wind runs, when I felt that both arms were going to be removed! The harness allows my body to take the strain and still allows me to feel in touch with what the kite is doing - I have even felt confident enough to fly one and sometimes no-handed!

Overall - the harness is extremely well made (like all ozone products seem to be), it is very comfortable to wear for long periods and does what it is supposed to do well. I am not particularly small around the waist but do have to have the harness almost on it's tightest. The only thing I have considered changing is maybe loose the spreader bar hook and buy a Peter Lynn Prodigy 360 spreader - but that will have to wait.

The harness works well in my buggy and is comfortable to wear sat down, it has given me the confidence and ability to keep pushing my speed, get rid of the kite killers and buggy longer and harder - and it all comes in a nice bag.

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