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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Tire trouble - part II

I have just spent two hours trying to put a tube into my tire! This time thanks to the advice from racekites and Extreme Kites it was a success.

I managed to get the tire off the rim by standing on it!

I got the tube in without any problems, but had a fight to get the tire back on the rim - but a video posted on extreme kites was very helpful...

I managed to get the tire back on using a hair dryer, washing-up liquid, some spoons and brute force...

But was then left with a big gap where I needed to get the tire centralized and back on the beading properly, I struggled with this for ages, posted on extreme kites, then had a flash of inspiration...

Using my 12v tire compressor hooked up to the car battery I kept inflating until pop! It was back on an looking good, ready for tomorrow morning!

I am leaving the other rear tire alone for now as it is still holding air!
What I used to put an inner tube in my tire!

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