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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas Shopping!

It's always good when Santa Claus brings you exactly what you asked for! So I have just completed my Christmas shopping...

I have bought a present for my wife to give me -

Brand-X X MKII Knee and shin guards
And for my Mum and Dad to give me - 
Brand-X X Elbow and forearm guards
And for my in-laws to give me - 

661 Comp shifted 2012 helmet
Isn't Christmas shopping for me easy, I'll do it all for you - just send me the money! All bought from Chain Reaction Cycles on-line (free delivery for spending over $100 and then $10 discount), in Northern Ireland!

And it means I will be fully protected for the New Year - I still have more things on my wish list if you are stuck for ideas!

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