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Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Yesterday I had my first run out in the Sysmic S2 and I had to admit I loved it!

It was an evening session, I got down to the salt lake about 5.30 - it took me a bit longer to attach the rear axle and the bag than my PL comp - two more bolts than the comp and it is heavier, this was only my second attempt so think I will get quicker.

I made sure the four nuts and bolts holding the rear axle on were good and tight as I know Bones had an issue where he had lost two.

After about three-quarters of an hour I thought I should check them - glad I did as they all had worked loose! They have pretty standard nuts and bolts on them and the Sysmic Operation Manual suggest that you
"use some glue loktite 222 on the screw that you wont often screw/unscrew" 
this is not my bug so I wont be "gluing" anything!

But I do think I will get some Nyloc nuts for the rear axle bolts - that will stop them coming loose and Bones can continue to use them or not...

The winds were a south-westerly but with more south! So it limited the amount of lake available and forced me into some hard slow upwind runs, but despite that with a nicely powered 4m Ozone Method I did manage to hit the mid 50's and a moving average of 23kph - so very pleased. The S2 really let me hold down the power, by wedging myself against the rails and feels much more solid on the ground, while still being able to un-lock the back end to scrub off speed and slide. 

If I get some decent easterlies over the next couple of weeks I think I can improve on my PB with the S2 and the method, the big question is how will I feel going back to the PL comp?

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  1. I actually have some lock nuts. I am just using the normal ones because I am undoing them all of the time, which reduces the effectiveness of the nylocs.

    I put a lock nut on the fork bolt, after I found the nut missing.

    With the ratchet spanners I can tighten the nuts quickly and it just takes a bit of an extra push to tighten it enough so they don't come loose.