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Monday, 3 December 2012

Method in my madness - Partie Cinq

Yesterday I had an early start and was down at the salt lake just after 6am, There was a reasonable easterly forecast and I was determined to try my new Ozone Method 4m in the buggy...

I already love this kite, excellent Ozone build quality, easy set up and it does exactly what it says it does -  stability with race-care performance!

Most of the time it was under-powered but behaved well and would get me moving at a reasonable pace with a bit of sine-waving! A few times the wind would come to the party and the true speed and power of the Method would become apparent - then it would switch off and the kite would float gently down!

Ozone kites don't seem to bow-tie! Well neither of mine do, the tips may fold in a bit but are easily shaken out again!

The wind direction meant that I could use the whole length of the lake. With the wind dropping I put up the 5m Ozone Flow and used that to buggy back up to the car park - no long walk for me!

I will try to get the video edited this week!

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