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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Nocturnal Precipitation

Or it rained last night!

Which is good in a selfish kite buggying kinda way!

From the first of December the DEC usually allows vehicles onto the lake, if you are a member of a club - like the land yachts and the model aircraft club, as the lake is usually dry enough to allow vehicles access. This means on a weekend morning the model aircraft move from near the car park, where they have been all winter, driving onto the lake and parking in the middle and then flying their little planes! (see the map)

View Lake Walyungup in a larger map

Because of the storms last week they were still restricted to near the car park on Sunday and with the rain last night - which was substantial and with more forecast for the next couple of days, hopefully the DEC will keep the gates locked and the planes near the car park.

Officially kite-buggies aren't allowed onto the lake, but we don't drive onto the lake, which is the issue when it is wet and causing damage, and we have no or very minimal environmental impact. 

The biggest cause of rubbish etc. on the lake is smashed up model planes (it's always good to see one crash!), but the "pilots" seem to have an inability to clear away the pieces. The etc. is dog-logs or sh1t that the owners leave behind!

The land yachts have access in the afternoon and are always interested in the kites and buggies.

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