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Monday, 12 March 2012

Buggy Belly Pan

My first attempt at a belly-pan was made using some clear acrylic bought from a local hardware store. I made a template from some cardboard.

It didn't really work that well and in the end never even made it out of the garage!

 Though it did help pass some time on a windless day!

After some research on the forums and elsewhere on the net I eventually tracked down a template for a belly-pan. It was for a flexi bug, but as they are pretty similar to the Peter Lynn thought it would work...

I found (well was given) some perfect material from one of the stores guys at work. It is the plastic that sits between pallets.

It was easy to cut and shaped well to the underside of the bug, attached with cable-ties.

The first time I took it out, it kept dragging on the ground...

A few minor adjustments and a couple more cable-ties and now it is perfect. Best of all I have another sheet of plastic ready to make another - and maybe a splash guard ready for the winter!

Yeah, all it needs now is some stickers!

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